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Saturday, April 20, 2013


I have three different Lust Lists 1.) NEVER GONNA HAPPEN 2.) REALISTIC and 3.) KID STUFF. The Never Going to Happen list has extravagant things that will never be mine as they are outrageously priced or just unnecessary, BUT still amazing or beautiful to ME. The Realistic list is made of things that I can afford and will likely ask for Christmas or beg my Sistor to buy me because I am a spoiled brat and she loves me more than air (or at least that is what I tell myself, what? Are you trying to convince me that the world doesn't revolved around me? Pfff whatever. It SO does.) The Kid Stuff list is things I want for my kids but I probably won't buy them because I either don't have the disposable income for the items or because I am cheap. The items are not listed in order by highest to lowest priority, I just list them as they come to mind.


Tiffany & Co. Just announced their Great Gatsby collection and I absolutely adore this headband. Unfortunately with the 25 carat weight of diamonds and the price tag of $200,000, uh yeah, this will never happen.

Alexander Mcqueen makes this delicious gold studded skull padlock shopper, it's divine! However its price tag is nearly $2,200.

The Kate Spade Ariele Dress, oh my. I LOVE it but its priced at nearly $400, super cute!

The 20" touchscreen Sony Vaio. 512 MGB, Windows 8 Pro, third gen intel core  i7-3667u processor (seriously, it has turbo boost!), engraved with my first and last name, and a 4 year protection plan, this beast is approximately $2,700. WANT!!

Nikon's AF DC-NIKKOR 105mm f/2D lens, it's a lens for photographing people and its BADASS. It's about $1,200, damn it.


The Coach large Ashley Sabrina duffle bag, yes. It has my name it in, I want it. Cute, right?

Bare Escentuals buffing brushes set, mine are old and busted and I could use a replacement set.

Kate Spade Saturday key chain, it's unique.

This Tiffany's bracelet to complete my collection.

A Contigo water bottle set, what? I like them.


Little Lemon needs this, I love Chicco walkers because they have three height adjustments allowing even the smallest of babies to use their legs.

The Pretty Little Liars books 1-8 set, Alexis would dig it. She had been watching the TV series and LOVED  it!

Canvas Batman shoes for Bunny because she IS Batman.

A Kawasaki Monster Energy Factory Team truck, Trenton would play with this every day!

Wayfair makes these amazing swing set/playhouses, this one is the Woodridge and it about $1,700 free shipping!

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