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Thursday, April 25, 2013


We spend a lot of time riding around in the car in our family. If you've ever ridden in my car or had the luxury of having my kids ride in your car, you've heard my kids shout "Juicy Fruit" or "Batman" randomly, like they have tourettes syndrome or something. I assure you they do not, well I'm pretty sure three out of the four do not. This game originally was invented to a.) keep the kids occupied and b.) teach Bunny her colors. When we first get in the car we establish which color we're playing for... mostly yellow because they're aren't a ton of douche-yellow cars out there. Besides, I don't want to hear a kids scream "Marshmallow" ever 2.4 seconds. If we are feeling particularly rambunctious we do ALL the colors and that is just chaotic mess for the ride, the kids love it though. Here is our list of car color names:

Red: Hot Lava
Green: Gogo
Yellow: Juicy Fruit
Black: Batman
Blue: Blueberry
Brown: Chocolate
White: Marshmallow

Extra props to the kid who spots a pink car or electric blue car and gives it a fascinating name. Sometimes we choose make and model specific cars, no colors. VW Bugs are Buggys, Ford Flex's are Flex, etc, etc.

The more you know! *cue star and rainbow*

I teach my kids all sorts of random things because, let's face it, it's funny to teach kids off the wall stuff. My favorite is when people tell my kids that they don't have jobs. Trenton will get offended and fight you to the death and tell you he does have a job, a VERY important job. The funniest thing is, he will not tell you what his job is unless you ask him directly. Here is a real life scenario that happened while talking to a man at the store, while we were checking out, wearing some type of work attire, it was a blue jumpsuit...I think he was a mechanic.

Trenton: Did you just get off of work?
Man: Yes. I can't wait to get home, I'm tired.
Trenton: Work is hard, I get it.
Man: No, you're little you don't really have a job yet. Just wait until you're older.
Trenton: Uh, yeah, I do have a job. It's very important and very hard too.
Man: Going to school is easy, kid.
Trenton: I don't just go to school! (looking quite offeded)
Man: What does your mom make you clean your room and do chores too?
Trenton: Yes, but those things aren't my job.
Man: Well, what is your job then?
Trenton: To make God proud and get an education.
Man: Than's not a job!
Trenton: It should be everybody's job.

You can ask any of the kids what their job is and they'll answer the same as Trenton did. They're probably not as passionate about it as him, haha. Bunny says "to make God proud and get 'cha-cation." While Alexis is an ass kisser and adds in random things like "make mama proud, be a positive contributor to society, make God proud, and get an education so I can go to Harvard or some other Ivy league school." Serioulsy, I love them.

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