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Sunday, April 21, 2013


17 reasons I love my almost-husband, because 5 isn't enough, 10 is over done, 15 is a dumb number, and 17 is rad. Get ready to vomit from all the nice and lovey things I'm about to spout off, the bathroom is down the hall.

1. He always tells the truth even if it gets him into trouble.
This one is sometimes bittersweet, but it is so important to me.

2. He works very hard to make sure his family has everything they need AND want.
We never go without the necessities; seems dumb to say but I am thankful. In addition, if I find something that I just have to have, Jason always finds a way to get it for me. Even if I downplay it like it's not a huge deal... he knows. He turns my dreams into realities in the material world. I don't ask often but when I do he must know it's important to me. He takes his job as a provider very seriously and it's appreciated in so many ways.

3. He is an outstanding dad.
He spends quality time with the kids, it's amazing. He and Lex have daddy/daughter dates and he takes her on his street bike which a special treat because I nearly have a heart attack every time they ride off together and I totally hate it but I allow it *breathe* because it's their 'thing' as Lex calls it. He teaches Trent 'man stuff' and has encouraged him behave more like a boy as it it sometimes hard when he is surrounded by all of these females in our house. Jessa is his sunshine, he tickles and listens intently to her make-believe stories, and he would do anything for her...even play dolls. He is also very active in parenting Cori even though she is a infant and doesn't do much, he talks to her in a high pitched voice and acts like a complete moron to get a reaction from her.

4. He is a leader, our family's leader.
Sometimes I stand in front of him, sometimes behind him, and mostly beside him.

5. He believes in me. 
This is extremely important, he supports me even if he disagrees with me, or even if its stupid, and or even if it makes no sense to him at all. And it's not the 'yeah, yeah, okay Brina' type support... it's the real deal. He knows my potential and he pushes me to be the best I can be.

6. He loves me even when he shouldn't.
Sometimes I'm a mega-bitch, I'm bossy, I'm whiny, I'm mean, I get angry, I'm fussy, but he STILL loves me. He pretty much forces his love on me until I've decided that whatever it is that is making me a complete brat goes out the window and I reciprocate. That is top notch love, folks. Gosh, I'm lucky. Eat your heart out ladies!

7. He understand the importance of education.
I know this one is off the grid, but education is very important to me. I want our kids to be educated. I know, I know, every parent wants their kids to be educated. But, I am a huge advocate. We don't let the kids watch much TV or spend too much time on their laptops or tablets because we want our kids to interact with humans and learn to solve real life problems in addition to school related work. We trust that our kids will make better choices because we give them the freedom to make mistakes. We encourage the kids to read, write, and play. And during the summer, it's flash cards and constant refreshers so I know I am doing my job and they can excel in school. We make sure they get involved in the best programs and get into the best schools because they are our future, he get's that! He supports and encourages me when it comes to education.

8. He is intelligent and well spoken.
I never feel embarrassed when I am with him in social environments  it's not often that he trips on his words, and he has amazing ideas. Jason is a man of vision, his dreams are scary big but he never gives up.

9. He loves rap music.
Enough said.

10. He delights in my culinary skills... even if I am lacking in the skills department.
I'm a crappy cook, no doubt about it. But, Jason is always hungry and it's not often that he turns up his nose at my kid friendly meal plan.

11. He is protective.
Not just over me but the kids too. He expects people to treat us right, he makes sure we are safe in every situation, and he loves us. What a great feeling, knowing that  there is someone always looking out for you just in case you overlook something or are mistreated.

12. He is very affectionate.
He holds my hand, kisses me, opens doors for me, hugs me tight, and will touch me at any given chance. He is not afraid of some PDA action! He hugs and kisses and cuddles and tickles the kids, he holds their hands, and pokes and prods at them to get silly reactions.

13. He deals with my relationship with my BFF.
There are no secrets between my BFF and I, sometimes it can get embarrassing when your almost-wife talks to her BFF about your recent ass rash or sexual mishaps. He tolerates a lot of nonsense and usually rolls with it even if he is embarrassed and all red in the face. I love him something extra special for this one.

14. He is really funny.
This guy makes me laugh, he says the oddest things, and has strange sense of humor. In addition; his laugh is outrageously contagious.

15. He has terrible dance moves.
You can talk Jason in to dancing after he has had a few drinks and, whoa, he is an awful dancer. It's nerdy, out of tempo, and just plain awful. Sometimes he will dance in the kitchen solo and it is horribly funny. I am very fond of his dance moves mostly because his are way worse than mine and that is tough one to top.

16. He doesn't yell at me.
Not when we argue, not when I break something, not when I make bad choices. He understand that the best way of communicating with me is talking and that once someone yells I stop communicating and shut off completely. For the record, I don't yell either.

17. Before I met him I never thought I would fall in love or have a happy family.
Then, there he was with his huge open heart. I always knew it would take a saint to love a woman with three kids from a previous marriage but this guy requested one more! He is sensitive and smart, he prioritizes, he is trustworthy, and honorable, he is creative, and knows how to cut loose and get wild. He loves his family and talks to them regularly, he is never embarrassed by our family which we lovingly call The Circus, he is even entertaining the thought of a dog (Murphy-Dog) because I feel it's necessary to have a furry heartbeat in our house to play with our kids.He is a good, solid, man and I am so lucky to have him in my life!

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