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Thursday, May 13, 2010


We're having so issues with moving and taking Alexis out of school. We're planning on keeping her out of school for 17 days, apparently that is too long and we would be breaking a law and could potentially serve jail time. What a bunch of crap. I'm angry and frustrated. The school year in Washinton ends June 17th and in New York the school year ends June 24th. I think it is STUPID to have to enroll Alexis in a new school for 2 weeks. Does anyone know any loopholes?

"The Becca law requires a school to inform a
student’s parents of unexcused absences and to
meet with the student and parents if unexcused
absences continue to accumulate. The school
may take legal action in juvenile court when a
student has five unexcused absences in a month.
If a student has seven unexcused absences in a
month, or ten in an academic year, the school
district must file a truancy petition in juvenile
court. If the truancy continues, the court can take
several actions, including ordering a youth to a
county detention facility and ordering the parents
to perform community service and pay fines."

In other news, Jessa is been really cranky due to the heat (we think.) Today it was 77 and yesterday it was 75, she was very unhappy, at first I thought maybe she had a fever or something but I've checked the last two days and she is in the normal range. We had her in a diaper only, today, and that seems to help. If it's not the heat what do you think it could be?

I took a pregnancy test today, it was negative. I guess my period is just missing!


  1. If she has already finished her school year, how can they make her repeat some of it?! Did they tell you that directly!? D: Is there something in place to stop you from just not registering her with the school district at all until summer break (if she is planning on finishing in WA, that is)

    Also, your FB widget tells me you have the same birthday as Killian! :D

  2. School doesn't get out here until June 17th, schol there ends June 28th. So we will have to enroll her in a new school for two weeks. BUT we can't enrollher without proof of residency, which means utility bills. We won't have any of those because we're getting there on the 10th of June or so. They're making it impossible.

    I do have the same birthday as Killian. I never brought it up because it's all about our babies! I can't steal that cute boys thunder :D