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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Bucket List

In no particular order.

1. Go to a MLB game.
2. Visit Jerusalem, I want to go to the Holy land more than you can imagine.
3. Get all three kids in college.
4. Have sex with a mime.
5. See Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder in concert.
6. Visit the Grand Canyon.
7. Get an Cadilac Escalade.
8. Visit Egypt and check out the pyramids.
9. Swim in the Dead Sea.
10. Have sex with Paul Walker or Channing Tatum or Jay Baruchel or Eliza Dushku.
11. Build my dream house.
12. Watch a 'ping pong' show in Thailand.
13. Become a cougar.
14. Meet Oprah.
15. Be on a reality game show like Big Brother or Suvivor.
16. Have a cocktail named after me. (Thanks to Amanda and Stephanie in Las Vegas!)
17. Raise disciplined, smart, respectful, loving, God-fearing, carefree children.
18. Have a successful Girls Only trip with all my acronyms.
19. Learn to ride a unicycle.
20. Volunteer to help in other countries.
21. Learn the Thriller dance in its entirety.
22. Go to Australia and see the Great Barrier Reef.
23. Go Parasailing.
24. Win a pie eating contest.
25. Live to meet my great grand children.


  1. You're welcome!

    p.s. Umm...hello?! Where is holding my baby?! ;) Hehe! And I amd loving number 18!

  2. that is an admirable list of things (or people) to do!

    Might have to add #4 to my list. lol.

  3. Love it! I too would like to see #12, I see #24 totally possible and I am jealous of #18. =)

  4. It's too bad you dont have "Sex in a box" on your list. If you did, you could have a hat trick all at once in a few years. You could be a cougar, doing a younger mime, in his box. As he tries to except. Awkwardly.

  5. I meant escape, not except. My bad.

  6. I am with you on #11, one of mine too. #4 and 21 made me laugh out loud. And I could totally see you doing #24!! :)

  7. Beth, why is the mim sex so wierd?! *giggle* I'm sure you've heard me talk about thhis mim thing at one time or another on LJ.

    Timm, that would be EPIC!

    Emily, you have an acronym. No need to be jealous :)

  8. Lacy, I know! I imagine it happeningin the sough and eating myself sick on cherry pie.

  9. I've done 1 and 5, but I've never done a mime. I would if I had the chance tho!

  10. im with you on most of those! i will do them with you!!:) we need to plan something for #18!!!

  11. I love that Jay Baruchel is on your, what I've heard as the Island list or the Free Pass list? You have an adam's apple thing? I got a buddy who looks just like him, although he never played a DJ in a small town in an indie flick.