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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blast from the past. Massive picture post.

Me, 1998. I was THE sexy.

This would be Chad, see why I love him? He allowed me to do stupid things to his hair 7 years ago! Maybe thats why I love him?

Me and Alexis, Alexis was probably 7 months old.

This is Chad's bootcamp graduation in 2005. I look chinese or something!

We lived in South Carolina after he graduated bootcamp. Our cute little family of 3!

Yay beach!

My 2nd bachlorette party for my second wedding LOL. (I've been married to one Chad... twice)

My goofy husband, we we're halloween shopping in 2006.

My little Biscuit wanted met to piant her nails, 2006.

Some whit trash bash, I swear I was drunk 80% of the time in South Carolina.

I gave Chad some awesome haircuts.

I told myself I was sexy while intoxicated.

I allowed my husband to do a LOT of stupid things with our toddler.

I got ultra skinny (OMG 135, gross) and went REALLY blonde for our 2nd wedding.

Me and my Bestie on my wedding day.

Me and my SFF, I do what I want on my big day!

I got pregnant again. I was 5 months pregnant, I had great boobies!

And then there was Trenton!

Alexis totally loved him!

Chad and Trenton, mid 2007.

Alexis and Trenton mid 2007.

Me 2007.

My family of 4 in late 2007.

Chad in 2008.

Me 2008.

Me and Alexis 2008.

Me and Trenton Jan 2009.

Alexis and Trenton Spring, 2009.

Me, 2009. Knocked up with Jessa.

Less than 3 months to go, hurry up baby Jessa!

And then she came! hello Jessa :D

Feb of 2010. I'm sexy. Admit it.

My handsome boy Trenton 2010.

Alexis 2010.

Jessa 2010.


  1. i love these pictures!! and i love your hair in the picture 2007!! ILYF

  2. I loved this post! And I loved seeing all of these pictures! Even though I've seent hem before, it's still great to see them again!

  3. aw thank you for the lovely storyline into a little bit of your life :) you got one beautiful family there hun!

    - Iza

  4. I so remember the goth look! I was just a little intimidated by you then! LOL!

  5. ps..I looked about the same in '98! woot go goth girls!

  6. These are great! And endless LOLZ at the first one! Haha, i never would have guessed!!! I was gothy in high school too but i didn't really take any pictures ever, i was so busy dropping out multiple times!

  7. omg you make me feel old you hooker. do you not feel old looking at these pics?!?!?! have we really known each other that long?!?!?! i need to go red again soon. i was hot.